Working conditions - GPA wants mask exemption for commercial employees

On Thursday, the GPA union called for a mask exemption for trade employees when they provide 3G proof, as well as the right to a 4-day week. The second requirement is to be ensured at the level of the collective agreement. The union wants to address the redistribution of working hours and anchoring the 4-day week in the collective agreement negotiations from autumn.

According to the GPA, Austria should take an example from the currently very successful attempt at the 4-day week in Iceland. "The four-day week meets the wishes of many employees and increases productivity - a win-win situation," said the chairwoman of the GPA union, Barbara Teiber, in a broadcast. Furthermore, the measure is also in terms of environmental protection, since with four instead of five days for car commuters, 20 percent of the climate-damaging emissions would be eliminated.

Regarding the demand for mask exemption for all trade employees with 3G evidence, the GPA economic sector secretary responsible for trade, Anita Palkovich, said: "If hundreds of people without a mask are okay at events from an epidemiological point of view, then it is probably justified to have trade employees behind the hot counter, To make work easier when storing tons of goods or in shops that are not air-conditioned. ”Clearances - even if these are no longer mandatory - could be kept well, especially in shopping centers and shops with large areas. (apa)