April weather slows the asparagus harvest in Saxony

The rainy and cold weather slows the asparagus harvest in Saxony. "As long as it stays cool, we do not expect large harvests," said the head of the Agrar GbR Naundörfel, René Heidig. Nevertheless, the company's own sales point has now been opened in Nieschütz (Meißen district). "For the time being with manageable quantities and while stocks last," says Heidig. The precious vegetables are currently only growing slowly. “The plants need a soil temperature of around 12 degrees.” In return, the quality of the young asparagus that has been cut so far is very good. "The taste is best at the beginning of the season."

The noble vegetables grow on the farm's fields around Meißen on an area of ​​ten hectares. This year, consumers will have to dig a little deeper for asparagus from the region. Nieschützer asparagus costs between 9 and 14 euros per kilogram. Heidig justified the price increase with an increased minimum wage and more effort due to the corona crisis, for example through hygiene concepts. "That's why we decided to raise the prices slightly."

Jürgen Kopf from the Kyhna asparagus farm in northern Saxony started cutting and selling the first asparagus around a week ago. “But still in small quantities.” The white sticks are sold at weekly markets, mainly in Leipzig and Halle. “The weather is slowing us down, we're two weeks later than usual,” said Kopf. The asparagus farmers therefore hope for the sun so that the asparagus grows. "So far, the asparagus has to be looked for in the fields."

The harvest has not yet started on the organic asparagus Schertenleib in Ostrau (Meißen district). Elsi Schertenleib hopes that it can start around April 20th. The film has been on the dams for a good two weeks, but it is still simply too cold. “We have to wait until nature ensures warm temperatures.” The night temperature is particularly crucial - and not much happens below ten degrees. The noble vegetables grow on around six hectares in the organic farm.

In Saxony, around 20 farms grow asparagus on an area of ​​around 260 hectares. The Free State is one of the smallest German growing areas for asparagus. The pole vegetables are mainly pricked in Delitzsch, Oschatz, Meißen and in the area around Bautzen.