Wind power company fraud charges

Less than a year after his arrest, the Osnabrück public prosecutor brought charges of fraud against the Emsland wind power entrepreneur Hendrik Holt. A total of five accused must answer in the process, announced the Osnabrück public prosecutor on Thursday. You are accused of having committed gang and commercial fraud in five cases between October 25, 2019 and February 10, 2020. One of the accused was also accused of delaying bankruptcy, it said. The Osnabrück Regional Court has not yet decided on the opening of the main proceedings.

The five people are said to have deceived the German subsidiaries of an Italian and a Scottish energy company with numerous forged documents. According to the public prosecutor's office, both companies then invested in non-existent wind power projects. Four of the fictitious projects were sold to both investors at the same time. Both energy companies suffered damage totaling almost 6 million euros.

With these two cases, according to the public prosecutor's office, the investigations against Holt and his alleged accomplices have not yet been concluded. It will continue to be determined. According to earlier reports, there should be more victims and a total loss of around ten million euros. According to earlier information from a former lawyer von Holt, he had largely admitted the allegations.

Holt had already been charged with other fraud allegations in the complex last autumn before the Meppen district court and sentenced there to two and a half years imprisonment for fraud. The Osnabrück Regional Court initially overturned this judgment, but after a decision by the Oldenburg Higher Regional Court it has to deal with this case again.