AMADEUS Group supports sustainable living as a trend and necessity of the future

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In times of climate change, sustainable building according to ecological standards plays a key role for the well-being of people and the environment. The AMADEUS Group has recognized this need and takes sustainability and energy efficiency into account with its building projects.

The population's awareness of environmental and climate protection continues to grow. This applies in particular to the demands on sustainable living, among other things with regard to healthy living and energy awareness. Sustainability, however, does not only concern interior design, but primarily the construction of a house from the ground up. Good insulation, the use of renewable energies, recycling and ecological materials play an essential role in this context. Wood, which not only has good insulating properties, but also binds climate-damaging CO2 is one of the building materials with a good ecological balance. The environmentally friendly generation of electricity and heat is achieved using photovoltaic systems or heat pumps. By installing underfloor heating, you can reduce heat losses and save up to twelve percent energy compared to conventional wall heating. Intelligent building technology, with which, for example, the heating can be controlled according to the living habits of the residents, further reduces energy and heating costs. Sustainable living also refers to the direct living environment. If residents have to travel long distances by car to work or to go shopping, that goes against ecological standards. A corresponding infrastructure with short distances to work as well as near-home shopping and leisure opportunities should by no means be disregarded when it comes to sustainable living.

Amadeus Group focuses on sustainability and energy efficiency

As a leading construction company in the Rhine-Main area, the AMADEUS Group has recognized the need for sustainable living and implements innovative buildings that are designed on the basis of renewable raw materials and renewable energies. This also applies to the optimal thermal insulation of real estate in order to reduce valuable and expensive energy losses through the external walls to the environment. The AMADEUS Group offers facade insulation for newly constructed building complexes that meets the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). In addition, it operates 14 photovoltaic systems with a total output of around 660 kWp on various building complexes, for example on the roof of the headquarters in Frankfurt. But the real estate company also dedicates itself to the topic with specific construction projects and future-oriented concepts and offers its customers sustainable living space.

Underfloor heating reduces heating costs and heat losses

The “AMADEUS2020green” construction project in the spa town of Bad Nauheim started at the beginning of 4, with 19 two- to three-room apartments being built in a cross-generational and family-friendly apartment building. In line with its name, the project is characterized by its sustainable and energy-efficient construction and corresponding TÜV certification. In addition, the AMADEUS Group supports the promotion of the tree population in the city of Bad Nauheim with the construction project and offers its residents a tree sponsorship. But the apartments also meet current requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability in terms of their interior furnishings. The apartments in this and other building projects, such as "AMADEUS 30 Years Anniversary 1991", are equipped with comfortable underfloor heating that can be quickly and efficiently regulated in every room. The heating system has the advantage for healthy living that the heat is released evenly to the air in the room and the walls and the humidity remains almost the same. Heat loss, cold and thermal bridges and the formation of harmful substances such as mold can thus be avoided.

"AMADEUS4green" and "AMADEUS 30 Years Anniversary 1991" score with excellent locations

The AMADEUS Group also takes into account the demands on centered living in its projects. “Residential areas with extensive infrastructure and leisure facilities are particularly in demand. Our customers prefer short distances and easy access to work, school, shops and nature as well as a friendly neighborhood, ”explains Volker Deifel, Managing Director of the AMADEUS Group. The “AMADEUS4green” residential complex is just five minutes from downtown Bad Nauheim and within easy reach of medical supply facilities as well as cultural and sports facilities. With "AMADEUS 30 Years Anniversary 1991" a modern residential complex is being built near the ICE area in Limburg for the 30th anniversary of the property developer in 2021. Numerous shopping opportunities and the good infrastructure with the best transport connections to Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Central Station are among the advantages of the apartments. The building projects of the real estate company therefore also meet the requirements for more sustainability thanks to their excellent location.

About the AMADEUS Group

The AMADEUS Group is the leading company in the housing construction industry in the Rhine-Main area and has been a pioneer in the construction of modern housing complexes since 1991.

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