New York equities: Dow rises to record high - Goldman Sachs at the top

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - The US leading index Dow Jones Industrial rose to a record high on Wednesday. It advanced 0,56 percent to 33 points and was driven by the price gains in Goldman Sachs shares after a record profit by the investment bank. The day before, the Dow was still with slight losses behind other large USstock marketbarometers lagged behind.

Also the market-wide S&P 500 reached another high. Most recently, however, he stepped on the spot with 4142 points. The Nasdaq 100, which rose to another record high on Tuesday on the other hand, lagged behind with minus 0,73 percent to 13 points this time. The courses of trendsetters and heavyweights like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Netflix gave way.

Goldman Sachs convinced investors with a record quarterly profit of 6,7 billion US dollars. With a price increase of 3 percent, the shares sat at the top of the Dow. The investment bank benefited above all from a boom in securities trading and in the capital market business.

JPMorgan, on the other hand, was unable to benefit from the bank's quarterly report and fell 1,5 percent, bottoming out the Dow. JPMorgan chief James Dimon said credit demand remains "challenging". The background to this is the rise in capital market rates, which can already affect the mortgage business.

Wells Fargo stocks rose 5,1 percent after initial losses. The head of the financial services company Charles Scharf said in a conference that he could imagine raising the dividend to a "more reasonable level".

The first day of trading on the Bitcoin trading platform Coinbase was furious. The papers of the largest US trading platform for cryptocurrencies started trading on the New York tech exchange Nasdaq this Wednesday. It was only after four hours of trading that an initial rate of 381 US dollars was determined, which then quickly rose well above 400 dollars. The reference price for the shares had previously been $ 250.

Given the current Bitcoin record hunt, the timing could hardly be more favorable. The financial markets had been looking forward to the debut for weeks. For the booming cyber currency niche, long dismissed as an adventurous fringe phenomenon in the financial world, it is a milestone on the way to Wall Street mainstream.