New York shares: Corona worries weigh on prices - but discounts are reduced

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - The USstock marketn could not escape the global market weakness on Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial was able to curb its early minus of about one and a half percent, most recently it was 0,87 percent to 34 379,47 points. Experts cited persistent worries about the global economic recovery as a burden, which had previously been blamed for some major losses in Europe and Asia.

The other major New York indices were also able to reduce their losses, but they were unable to continue the latest record rally. The market-wide S&P 500 fell 0,78 percent to 4324,05 points. The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 was able to reduce its discount most significantly, after 1,7 percent in the low, it recently only fell by 0,42 percent to 14 points.

Due to the particularly contagious Delta variant, investors around the world currently fear that the rising number of corona infections will pose a threat to the economic recovery. In addition, the recovery in the US labor market paused last week. The number of initial jobless claims had risen somewhat.

In the Dow, it was some stocks from defensive sectors such as health care and retail that did relatively well. The papers of the pharmaceutical company Amgen and the supermarket chain Walmart recently moved just above their previous day's level.

On the other hand, banks with larger losses emerged, especially Goldman Sachs with a discount of 2,7 percent. Yields on the bond market have recently fallen significantly. The yield on ten-year US bonds is recently below the mark of 1,3 percent at a five-month low.

After the last strong run, the shares of Apple shied away from an attack on the previous 145-dollar record. After an increase of almost 18 percent since the beginning of June, they last lost half a percent on Thursday.

The latest slide in the shares of Chinese companies listed on the US stock exchange continued unabated after the Chinese government announced significantly tighter controls on them the day before. The shares of the newly listed in New York driving service broker Didi sagged by 4,5 percent. This was followed by Alibaba down 3,6 percent.